Sunday, September 19, 2010

50 Years of BanjoBand......

A wonderful surprise today when we set up a party at the local Straw Hat Pizza....The Sacramento BanjoBand! They have been playing and jamming for 50 years and if you book them to do a gig for you, all of their proceeds go to charities: Shriners, WEAVE, Mustard Seed and Make a Wish.

Their Banjos were beautiful, some so ornate they seemed like jewelry!

Check out there web site: Sacramento BanjoBand

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!



  1. great pics...smiles just at their longevity and imagine they still have lots of fun...

  2. How cool is that? Made me smile and think of my mom. She always wanted to play the banjo!

  3. It's so great to see that you are back blogging again, Shannon. I like your header. The photograph has such a wonderful sense of freedom and joy. To be flying fast on the back of that horse...

    And yes, some of those banjos are ornate like jewelry. The banjos that I've seen have been quite plain. Lucky you for being able to listen to them play together. And how cool is it that they give the proceeds to charities?

  4. was great to see you in my comments today! ran right over to see if you had anything new up...hope you are well!

  5. ahhhhh shannon i popped in at your old blog to say that i've moved to a new corner too, just a photo blog and saw that you have a new corner too. yayyyy
    nice images darling, miss you stop by my new place too :)

  6. Hello, my friend. It's Thanksgiving Day today and I wanted to stop by and wish all my friends the happiest day. I wanted to tell you that when I count my blessings, you will be among them. Thank you for adding to the richness of my experience in the blog world. Happy, happy Thanksgiving.

  7. I was stopping by because I wanted to wish you a happy new year and thank you for being a follower of my blog. It means a lot to me. Thank you. May your new year be filled with laughter, more joy than sorrow, peace, and wisdom. Blessings to you. Happy new year!